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Featured Topics

  • Libertarianism - Political philosophy that advocates freedom of action and thought for every human
  • Liberty, Individual - Enjoyment by individuals of social, political and economic rights

Notable Topics

  • Labor - Human physical and mental skills available to produce goods and services
  • Land - Natural resources available for producing goods or delivering services
  • Law - Set of rules and guidelines intended to influence social behavior
  • Law, Due Process of - Procedural safeguards, and unbiased laws and judgements
  • Law, Rule of - Legal environment where cases are handled in a non-arbitrary manner
  • Learning - The process of acquiring knowledge or skills
  • Liberty Bell - Announced first public reading of Declaration of Independence
  • Liberty Cap - The Phrygian or similar cap, a symbol of freed slaves and thus of liberty
  • Liberty, Moral - Freedom to engage in acts purportedly injurious to one's self or one's property
  • Liberty, Statue of - Monument symbolizing liberty, in New York harbor
  • Liberty, Symbols of - Statue of Liberty, Liberty Bell, liberty cap, etc.
  • Liberty, Threats To - Actions by government that restrict individual liberty
  • Licensing, Occupational - Laws and regulations that limit entry into or continued exercise of a particular occupation
  • Life Extension - Methods for slowing or reversing aging and extending human life
  • Logic - The science that studies the principles of valid reasoning and argument
  • Love, Romantic - Emotional and sexual relationships between men and women