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"The Incredibles is a 2004 American computer-animated comedy superhero film written and directed by Brad Bird and released by Walt Disney Pictures. It was the sixth film produced by Pixar Animation Studios. The film's title is the name of a family of superheroes who are forced to hide their powers and live a quiet suburban life. Mr. Incredible's desire to help people draws the entire family into a battle with an evil villain and his killer robot. ..."

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"A family of undercover superheroes, while trying to live the quiet suburban life, are forced into action to save the world."

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Movie Review: The Incredibles, by Wendy McElroy, 2 Apr 2005
"The adults are asking whether Brad Bird, director and scriptwriter, is an Objectivist. Is the movie's aggressive defense of excellence derived from Ayn Rand and her novels? ... The answer to such questions requires us to linger temporarily in adulthood before concluding with the response that The Incredibles most deserves: childish applause."
Truth, Justice, and the Aristocratic Way [PDF], by A. J. Ferguson, Liberty, Feb 2005
pp. 52-53
"Still, those who skipped past the political message might have had the right idea: the joy of this film is that it can be enjoyed by anyone. ... Skip the stultifying 'Polar Express' and the formulaic Christmas films, and take the kids to see 'The Incredibles.' They'll laugh so much they won't even realize they're learning a lesson."


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