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Moving pictures representing fictional or real-life events

A film, also called a movie, motion picture, moving picture, theatrical film or photoplay, is a series of still images that, when shown on a screen, create the illusion of moving images.

  • Action Films - Movies where protagonists and antagonists perform physically challenging feats
  • Adventure Films - Films depicting some risky undertaking, usually fictional or based on legend
  • Animated Films - Films using sequences of images to create the illusion of movement
  • Biographical Films - Movies depicting the events of a person's life
  • Comedy Films - Generally humorous films that are intended to amuse possibly by exaggeration or parody
  • Crime Films - Dramatic, action or thriller films about criminal characters such as gangsters
  • Documentary Films - Films that generally present factual information about persons and events
  • Drama Films - Generally serious films that portray realistic stories and characters
  • Epic Films - Historical, legendary or other dramatic films usually involving heroic characters or events
  • Libertarian Movies, 20 Best - The 20 best libertarian films, according to the editors of the Orange County Register, in 1999
  • Mystery Films - Suspenseful films typically leading to exposure of some concealed fact, e.g., about a crime
  • Science Fiction Films - Speculative or quasi-scientific films typically depicting futuristic or imaginary settings
  • War Films - Films depicting or taking place during times of war
  • Western Films - Films portraying stories set in the American frontier, usually in the 19th century


Libertarian Movies | Films and Documentaries with libertarian themes
Reviews of films and documentaries with libertarian themes, inspired by Jon Osborne's "Miss Liberty"
There have been numerous films made that are of interest to libertarians, so whether you're politically libertarian, or just interested in ideas of freedom, like...
  • individualism
  • tolerance
  • reason
  • and personal responsibility're sure to find movies that match your taste!
Miss Liberty's Film & TV World
Promotes viewership of libertarian film, video and TV
Why are you doing this? To help affirm libertarian values to libertarians and to spread libertarian ideas to non-libertarians. We all need that emotional fuel which seeing our ideas and vision projected in art provides. ... By reviewing and advertising films and TV of interest to libertarians, I hope to give fellow libertarians some additional strength of conviction and a sense of being a part of something great.

Web Pages

Films on Liberty and the State, by Stephen W. Carson
At the Ludwig Von Mises Institute
I have come up with a list of some films I've happened upon that I think are of particular interest to Austrians and libertarians. In addition to having some libertarian angle, (and I, by no means, am vouching for ideological purity in any of these films), I also selected for films that are generally high quality (critically acclaimed).


Henry Grady Weaver's Classic Vision of Freedom, by John Hood, The Freeman, Aug 1997
Expanded version of Hood's introduction to the 1997 edition of Weaver's The Mainspring of Human Progress; discusses the changing attitudes towards business during the second half of the 20th century
In a study of the 100 top-grossing films selected from Variety listings, researchers found that nearly nine out of ten business characters were portrayed positively before 1965, but two out of three were portrayed negatively thereafter. After 1975, the proportion of negative business characters rose to three out of four. Such films as The China Syndrome, Norma Rae, Silkwood, and Wall Street might serve as examples of this trend, in which antisocial or even criminal corporate behavior could be challenged only by the heroic actions of crusading lawyers and journalists or brave whistleblowers.
Inspiration on Film, by Robert Bidinotto, The Daily Objectivist, 6 Sep 1999
List of film classics grouped by inspirational categories
Fellow Inspiration Seekers: ... my list focuses more narrowly on films possessing some inspirational quality or uplifting element. Even the tragedies on my list have grand or idealistic aspirations, while the lighter-weight romances are, for all their fluff, wonderful emotional tonics.
Libertarian Movies & Films: The Top 25
List of 25 films considered "best of the best", includes general description, link to longer review page, content topics and review quotes
Of the nearly two hundred libertarian movies identified and reviewed on this site, we picked just 25 as the best of the best. Evaluations were based primarily on libertarian content, but entertainment value and production quality were also important considerations. Additionally, an effort was made to balance subject matter so that no one topic was disproportionately covered. ... This list will evolve as additional libertarian movies are noted and reviewed.
Liberty at the Movies, by David Boaz, 20 Jun 2005
Short reviews of some of Boaz' "all-time favorite libertarian movies" from "Hollywood"
I'm not going to discuss documentaries or educational films such as The Incredible Bread Machine, Waco: The Rules of Engagement, or John Stossel's superb ABC specials. Today's topic is libertarian movies from Hollywood — and there have been more than you might think. Shenandoah, a 1965 film ... Amistad (1997) ... The Castle was produced in Australia in 1997... in 1999 I also enjoyed The Winslow Boy ... So Big (1953) ... The Palermo Connection (1990) ... Pacific Heights (1990) ... My Beautiful Laundrette, made for British television in 1985.
Related Topics: Amistad, The Castle, Shenandoah


Arts And Movies, by Mr. First Nighter, The Libertarian Forum, Jan 1973
Discusses cinema as of 1972, contrasting the intellectuals' choices to those of the bourgeoisie, choosing an "eight best" list of 1972 movies and closing with comments on various movie critics
The Golden Age of the cinema was the thirties and forties. It was then that we could delight in Gone With the Wind, in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and The Lady Vanishes; it was then that we could enjoy the sophisticated wit of the Cary Grant-Katherine Hepburn movies and the hilarious farce of the Marx Brothers, as well as Mr. Old Curmudgeon himself, W. C. Fields. Indeed, by far the three best movies that I saw in 1972 were revivals from that better age. Two were from GBS: Major Barbara and Pygmalion ... And finally, the incomparable English film, The Importance of Being Earnest, perhaps the greatest motion picture ever made.
Related Topics: The Godfather, The Oscars


Voodoo and Violence: Magician Penn Jillette sees through the censors' tricks, by Penn Jillette, Steven Kurtz, Reason
Topics discussed include: Janet Reno's denunciations of TV violence, the confusions about "censorship", Howard Stern, Beavis and Butt-Head and contrasting Republicans vs. Democrats
Unfortunately, that gets very, very confusing with stuff like the motion-picture rating system. What you have there is, at least on the face of it, a "voluntary" rating system put in because of government threats. I do blame the entertainment industry for a lot, because they could have hung tough and seen where the chips fell. But they didn't, because it's better for business, which is what they're supposed to be about. It's complicated, but what we have now is a situation where if you open a movie theater in a mall, you sign a piece of paper that says you can't show unrated, NC-17, or X-rated films.


Miss Liberty's Guide to Film and Video: Movies for the Libertarian Millennium
    by Jon Osborne, 2001
Book by Jon Osborne, published in 2001

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