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1985 movie about an Argentine mother discovering her adopted daughter may be the child of a "desaparecida"
The Official Story

The Official Story (Spanish: La historia oficial) is a 1985 Argentine drama historical film directed by Luis Puenzo and written by Puenzo and Aída Bortnik. It stars Norma Aleandro, Héctor Alterio, Chunchuna Villafañe and Hugo Arana. In the United Kingdom, it was released as The Official Version. The film deals with the story of an upper middle class couple who lives in Buenos Aires with an illegally adopted child. The mother comes to realize that her daughter may be the child of a desaparecido, a victim of the forced disappearances that occurred during Argentina's last military dictatorship (1976-1983), which saw widespread human rights violations and a genocide.

Awards Received

1985 Best Foreign Language Film, by Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film

Cast and Crew

Norma AleandroAlicia Marnet de Ibáñez
Luis PuenzoDirector, screenwriter

Video Products

The Official Story [1985], 29 Jun 2011


The Official Story (1985)
    by Jon Osborne, Miss Liberty's Guide to Film and Video, 2001
At first, this Argentine mother knows nothing of the atrocities committed by her government. Like most people, she assumes that she lives in a just society. She assumes that those who have been arrested have been arrested for a good reason, and that they have been treated fairly. Then one day a close friend tells her that she was one of those arrested, that she was innocent of any real crime, and that she was tortured, brutalized, and raped. ... Norma Aleandro gives an absolutely first-rate performance in the leading role ...


La historia oficial, 3 Apr 1985

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