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The document that declared Argentina's independence from Spain
Argentine Declaration of Independence

What today is commonly referred as the Independence of Argentina was declared on 9 July 1816 by the Congress of Tucumán. In reality, the congressmen who were assembled in Tucumán declared the independence of the United Provinces of South America (Spanish: Provincias Unidas en Sud-América), later known as the United Provinces of the Rio de la Plata (Spanish: Provincias Unidas del Río de la Plata) which is still one of the legal names of the Argentine Republic. The Federal League Provinces (Spanish: Liga de los Pueblos Libres), at war with the United Provinces, were not allowed into the Congress. At the same time, several provinces from the Upper Peru that would later become part of present-day Bolivia, were represented at the Congress.

Events of Interest

9 Jul 1816, in San Miguel de Tucumán, Tucumán, Argentina

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The introductory paragraph uses material from the Wikipedia article "Argentine Declaration of Independence" as of 14 Aug 2018, which is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike License 3.0.