Los Angeles traffic officer turned call girl, and subsequently activist and author


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"Norma Jean Almodovar (born May 27, 1951) is an American author and sex workers activist. Almodovar worked as a traffic control police officer for ten years. In 1982, she quit her job with the Hollywood Division of the Los Angeles Police Department and began working as a call girl. In 1984, she attempted to recruit a former coworker from the LAPD to begin working as a prostitute. Her actions resulted in an arrest and conviction for pandering. In 1986, Almodovar ran for lieutenant governor in the California gubernatorial election, as a Libertarian. Almodovar's autobiography was published by Simon & Schuster in 1993. She is the founder of the International Sex Worker Foundation for Art, Culture and Education (ISWFACE). As of 2012, Almodovar serves as the executive director of the Los Angeles branch of COYOTE. ..."


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ISWFACE Press Release
International Sex Worker Foundation for Art, Culture and Education
"Norma Jean Almodovar - the author of the best-selling book, Cop to Call Girl - is now the Founder and President of The International Sex Worker Foundation for Art, Culture and Education (ISWFACE). ... Born in Binghamton NY, Norma Jean migrated to California at the age of 18 and joined the L.A.P.D. as a civilian traffic officer in 1972."
"Norma Jean Almodovar is a controversial libertarian in California. ... In 1986 she ran for Lieutenant Governor of California as a Libertarian; her campaign poster showed her wrapped in red ribbon and nothing else, holding a pair of scissors, with the slogan 'Cut the Red Tape!'."


Founder, International Sex Worker Foundation for Art, Culture and Education

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Norma Jean Almodovar - Libertarian
Advocates for Self-Government
"On September 17th, 1983, her unfinished manuscript was confiscated by the police and she was arrested an a charge of pandering. The charge stemmed from her attempt to fulfill the alleged sex fantasy of a former friend who was still a traffic officer. The 'friend' Penny Isgro, was wired, and later admitted during the trial that she had done this to try to prevent Norma Jean from writing an expose of the Los Angeles Police."


Hookers and family values - the GOP's strange bedfellows, by Brock N. Meeks, 9 Aug 1996
Comments on the behind-the-scenes activities at the 1996 GOP presidential nominating convention
"As host to the convention, San Diego's population will swell with an influx of 7,500 delegates, innumerable Washington politicos, some 12,000 journalists - and hundreds of out-of-state prostitutes all winging in to ply their trade. In fact, escort agencies and 'in-call/out-call' services (code names for high-priced prostitution operations) have been in a hiring frenzy for months, Almodovar says, getting ready for the event, and booking clients far in advance."
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Western mining town honors its ladies of the night, by Len Iwanski, 28 Aug 1998
Describes celebrations at Butte, Montana and the larger project to restore the Dumas Hotel
"Yesterday, locals gathered to pay tribute to the working women and their brothels by dedicating a park that stands near the heart of the town's former red-light district. 'They were an integral part of the community,' said Norma Jean Almodovar ... The dedication is part of a larger project by Ms. Almodovar's group to buy and restore the adjacent Dumas Hotel. Built as a brothel in 1890, it is believed to have been America's oldest working house of prostitution when authorities finally closed it in 1982."

Books Authored

Cop to Call Girl: Why I Left the LAPD to Make an Honest Living As a Beverly Hills Prostitute, 1993