Founder of the Universidad Francisco Marroquín, Guatemala


President, 1978-80, Mont Pelerin Society
Founder, President emeritus, Universidad Francisco Marroquín


The Early History of FEE, by Henry Hazlitt, The Freeman, Mar 1984
Excerpted from Hazlitt's remarks at the Leonard E. Read Memorial Conference on Freedom, November 1983
"Another effect of Leonard’s initiative soon followed. Other libertarian foundations were set up in emulation. ... Manuel Ayau in Guatemala established his libertarian Universidad Francisco Marroquín."


Capitalism and Statism in Latin America, 4 Oct 1997
Speech given to The Philadelphia Society, San Antonio, Texas regional meeting
"South and Central America have suffered and lived under what Adam Smith condemned as the mercantile system, better known later as mercantilism, inherited from Spain and Portugal since colonial days, with the few exceptional decades in the end of last century and beginning of the present."
Related Topic: Latin America
Give Freedom Its Turn in Latin America, Imprimis, Nov 1984
Paper given at Hillsdale College

Books Authored

El Proceso Económico, 2000