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Where Can You Find Freedom Today?
Individuals who take direct action to achieve a social or political end
  • Crane, Ed - Co-founder and former President of the Cato Institute
  • Ernsberger, Donald - Co-founder of the Society for Individual Liberty
  • Fritz, Marshall - President of Alliance for the Separation of School and State
  • Harris, Sharon - President of The Advocates for Self-Government
  • Lilburne, John - 17th century English activist, advocate of "freeborn" rights and of a written constitution
  • McWilliams, Peter - Author of the Life 101 books and Ain't Nobody's Business If You Do
  • Nolan, David - Co-founder of U.S. Libertarian Party, creator of political beliefs chart
  • Walter, Dave - Co-founder of the Society for Individual Liberty
  • Wollstein, Jarret - Author, co-founder of Society for Individual Liberty