Thirty-eighth President of the United States


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"Gerald Rudolph Ford (born Leslie Lynch King, Jr., July 14, 1913 - December 26, 2006) was the 38th President (1974-1977), and 37th Vice President (1973-1974) of the United States. Ford was the first person appointed to the vice presidency under the terms of the 25th Amendment. Upon succession to the presidency, Ford became the only person to hold that office without having been elected either President or Vice President. Prior to becoming Vice President, he served for over eight years as the Republican Minority Leader of the House of Representatives as a representative from Michigan's 5th congressional district. ..."


What Exactly Did Gerald Ford Heal?, by Sheldon Richman, 5 Jan 2007
Counters the argument that Geral Ford, by pardoning Richard Nixon, "healed the namtion"
"'The long national nightmare is over,' Ford said. But it wasn't a nightmare for the American people. It was a nightmare for the power elite. Their very legitimacy was in peril. The debt to Ford for restoring their legitimacy is owed by those who hold and aspire to power, not by those who suffer under it. Thus, what Ford accomplished was to stanch a growing public cynicism about government and to restore complacency."
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