Court game, points are scored by tossing ball through a hoop


Before March Madness, by Gary North, 6 Apr 2004
"UCLA ... won again in 1965, establishing the all-time scoring record for the final four games: 100 points/game. That was the tentative beginning of March madness for NCAA basketball. ... The next year, Lew Alcindor arrived on the varsity at UCLA. By the time UCLA's reign of terror ended in 1975, March Madness was a TV ratings factor."
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Kobe's Rights: Rape, justice, and double standards, by Cathy Young, Reason, Jan 2004
Numbers game, by Patrick Hruby, The Washington Times, 13 Apr 2004
Describes Winval system for rating and ranking NBA players
The Low-Key Man Who Gave Us March Madness, by Gary North, 18 Mar 2006
"There are few agreed-upon dynasties in college sports. John Wooden's is the best-known one. Between 1964 and 1975, his teams won ten NCAA championships ... His teams won 88 in a row, eclipsing the 60-game record that the University of San Francisco had set with Bill Russell and K. C. Jones. He was named coach of the year six times."

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By the way, did you realize that George Mason ..., by Jeff Danziger, 28 Mar 2006