Elimination of laws and rules imposed on an industry


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"Deregulation is the process by which governments remove restrictions on business in order to (in theory) encourage the efficient operation of markets. The stated rationale for deregulation is often that fewer regulations will lead to a raised level of competitiveness, therefore higher productivity, more efficiency and lower prices overall. ..."


Orchestrating Energy Disaster, by Walter E. Williams, 23 May 2001
The Futility of State-Directed "Market Reform": Deregulation, by Kevin Carson, 6 Aug 2013
Analyses how so-called "deregulation" actually works, with examples from electrical utilities
"In most cases, regulatory policies were adopted in the first place because they served the regulated industries' interests in extracting monopoly profits at the expense of consumers and workers. So it hardly stands to reason that a state largely controlled by corporate interests would genuinely deregulate those same industries and open them up to full-blown market competition if they didn't have the game rigged somehow."