The most popular spectator sport in the United States


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"'American football', known in the United States simply as football, is a competitive team sport. The object of the game is to advance the football towards the opposing team's end zone and score points. The ball can be advanced by carrying the ball, or by throwing or handing it from one teammate to the other. ..."


The Case against Football, by Joseph Sobran, The Reactionary Utopian, 10 Jan 2006
"The rest of the world reserves the word football for a sport in which the ball is kicked constantly. ... What I don't understand is using the word for a sport in which the ball is kicked only a few times per game; most of the time it's carried or thrown. ... In most sports, from chess to boxing, offense and defense are inseparable. But football is perverse that way ..."
The NFL is Not for Libertarians, by S. M. Oliva, 26 Apr 2012
Examines various statist aspects of the National Football League
"The NFL is not a private enterprise in any free-market sense. It was at one time, but since the 1960s, it has steadily morphed into a subsidiary of the state. Admittedly, this process did not begin at the NFL's insistence. In the 1950s, the Justice Department's Antitrust Division decided to interfere with the rights of NFL franchise operators to make rules regarding the presentation of their games on the new medium of television. By 1961, the NFL was forced to lobby Congress for a special antitrust exemption just so it could sign its first national television contract."
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