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The Peach State - ratified Constitution 2 Jan 1788

Georgia is a state in the southeastern United States. It began as a British colony in 1733, the last and southernmost of the original Thirteen Colonies to be established. Named after King George II of Great Britain, the Province of Georgia covered the area from South Carolina down to Spanish Florida and Louisiana (New France), also bordering to the west towards the Mississippi River. Georgia was the fourth state to ratify the United States Constitution, on 2 January 1788. In 1802-1804, western Georgia was split to the Mississippi Territory, which later split to form Alabama with part of former West Florida in 1819. Georgia declared its secession from the United States on 19 January 1861, and was one of the original seven Confederate states. It was the last state to be readmitted, on 15 July 1870. Georgia is the 24th largest and the 8th most populous of the 50 states. From 2007 to 2008, 14 of Georgia's counties ranked among the nation's 100 fastest-growing, second only to Texas. Georgia is known as the Peach State and the Empire State of the South. Atlanta is the state's capital and most populous city.

Carole Ann Rand, 1990 candidate for Governor

Birthplace of

Jimmy Carter, James Earl Carter Jr., in Plains, on 1 Oct 1924
Paul Craig Roberts, in Atlanta, on 3 Apr 1939
Henry Grady Weaver, in Eatonton, on 24 Dec 1889

Events of Interest

Advocates for Self-Government, The Advocates for Self-Government 20th Anniversary Celebration, "Fastforwarding Our Libertarian Future!", in Atlanta, from 14 Oct to 16 Oct 2005

Deathplace of

Franklin D. Roosevelt, in Warm Springs, on 12 Apr 1945

Conferences and Conventions

2004 Libertarian National Convention, in Atlanta (Marriot Marquis Hotel), from 27 May to 31 May 2004
Libertarian Party of Georgia, 2004 Convention, in Douglasville, on 28 Feb 2004
Libertarian Party of Georgia, 2006 LPGA Convention, in Atlanta, on 22 Apr 2006

Web Pages

Advocates for Self-Government - Libertarian Education: Sharon Harris - Libertarian
Includes photo, biographical profile and quotes about and by Harris
In 1994, she was the party's candidate for Commissioner of Agriculture, receiving 23% statewide and 34% in 3 metro-Atlanta counties — a total of over 300,000 votes in a two-way race against Georgia's most entrenched incumbent. ... Also in 1994, she was one of the plaintiffs in a lawsuit against the state of Georgia which challenged the Constitutionality of Georgia's law which required candidates for office to take a drug test. The case went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, where Georgia libertarian attorney Walker Chandler won the case, thus overthrowing the law.
Related Topic: Sharon Harris

Measures of Freedom

Freedom in the 50 States 2015-2016 | Georgia | Cato Institute
2014: Overall rank: 22, fiscal policy rank: 14, regulatory policy rank: 14, personal freedom rank: 43, economic freedom rank: 12
LP State-by-State Membership Numbers [PDF], Libertarian Party News, Apr 2006
31 Dec 2005: Number of Members: 753


End the Other War Too, by Sheldon Richman, 1 Dec 2006
Discusses the case of an 88-year old woman killed by police based on a false report from an informant, quoting from a Radley Balko report covering the increasing use of SWAT teams in drug war raids
[An] 88-year-old Atlanta woman who lived alone was shot dead November 21 by police raiding her home on the basis of a confidential informant's claim that he had bought crack cocaine from a man at that location ... Kathryn Johnston ... was "described by neighbors as feeble and afraid to open her door after dark," was killed as police, executing a no-knock warrant, forcibly entered her home ... The police story has changed several times ... the police said they found narcotics in Johnston's home, but later they said they found only a small amount of marijuana, which is not regarded as a narcotic. The FBI is investigating.
Related Topics: War on Drugs, Moral Repression
Lessons learned: Libertarian reflects on his campaign and offers advice, by Richard Timberlake, Libertarian Party News, Jan 1994
Describes the background to Timberlake's campaign for city-county commissioner against a Democrat incumbent, his campaign activities, analysis of results and suggestions for other LP candidates and the Party itself
Just more than a year ago, [I] ran a political campaign as a Libertarian in an effort to unseat an incumbent, female, Democrat, statist, city-county commissioner in Athens-Clarke County Georgia ... The proposed Athens-Clarke civic center became a much more serious threat to the community's welfare than the ongoing, almost riderless bus system ... By circulating petitions much like a drive for ballot access, our "coalition" established the fact that a very large popular majority of city-county residents no longer wanted any civic center, and certainly not the expensive plan currently on the drawingboard.
Related Topics: Libertarian Party, Taxation, Voting


Macon Georgia Ron Paul Street Corners, 25 Sep 2007

Ron Paul 2008 Sign-making BBQ Cartersville, GA, 28 Jul 2007

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