Newsletter created by Ayn Rand (as The Objectivist Newsletter) in 1962 and edited by herself and Nathaniel Branden (until 1968)


Objectivist: 1962-1976
    by Robert Hessen, The Conservative Press in Twentieth-Century America, 1999
"Ayn Rand created the Objectivist Newsletter, the first of her three periodicals, in 1962. In the inaugural issue, she began by denouncing conservatism ... It only would make sense to classify her as a conservative if the term is used loosely to signify opposition to twentieth-century statism. ... Based on the explosive growth of interest in Objectivism, Rand and Branden decided to launch a journal of ideas devoted to applying her philosophy to the problems and issues of contemporary American culture."

Publication Frequency

January 1962-September 1971
October 1971-September 1974
October 1974-February 1976

Staff and Associates

Nathaniel BrandenEditor, January 1962-July 1968
Ayn RandEditor, January 1962-February 1976