Co-founder of the Society for Individual Liberty


A Brief History of ISIL | ISIL
Short description of the organizations and key individuals that founded and led to what is now known as Liberty International
"ISIL began in 1980 as Libertarian International, founded by Canadian libertarian activist and publisher Vince Miller. LI started the international libertarian conferences in Zurich, Switzerland in 1982. The current ISIL was formed in 1989 through the merger of LI with the Society for Individual Liberty, the first explicitly libertarian grassroots organization which had been founded by Jarret Wollstein, Dave Walter and Don Ernsberger in 1969. The original SIL emerged out of an historic split between conservatives and libertarians at a Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) conference in St. Louis, Missouri in 1969."
Debates: Libertarians shine against old party candidates, Libertarian Party News, Nov 1994
Report on May 9th Don Ernsberger Talk: "How To Be An Effective And Principled Libertarian Candidate", LPDC News, Jun 2001


LPNY 1994 Convention Report, 23 Apr 1994
Don's 1994 "Howard Stern Convention" Report
The Labor Theory of Value (An Analysis), by Donald Ernsberger, Jarret Wollstein (Editor), 1988
Examines Marx's Labor Theory of Value, including an example, and compares it to the market-exchange theory, exploring some of the flaws in the former
"At the heart of economic theory is the concept of value. What gives an article value? Is it something inherent in an object, or is it some other factor? Does value derive from human effort, or something else? The two major and fundamentally opposite economic systems – capitalism and Marxism – give completely different answers. ... Indeed, the free market is the only economic system which enables consumers rather than bureaucrats to determine what is produced and at what price. Marx has been in his grave for over 100 years. It is time that his theories were buried as well."