Co-founder and President of the Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty
Robert Sirico

Robert Alan Sirico (born 23 June 1951) is an American Roman Catholic priest, and the founder of the Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty of Grand Rapids, Michigan. He is a political, religious and cultural commentator. He is also a pastor of Sacred Heart Parish in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


Acton Institute, President
Mont Pelerin Society, Member


Father Robert Sirico: Power Broker on the Rise, by Bill Berkowitz, AlterNet, 3 Jul 2001
"Sirico ... is definitely moving on up. ... During the last 18 months, Father Sirico advised President George W. Bush on 'charitable choice' and the future of welfare reform; responded to a call from the Vatican and edited a book delineating the Catholic Church's teachings on social justice issues ..."


A Tribute to Edmund A. Opitz, The Freeman, Oct 1993
Remarks made at the dinner in honor of Opitz' retirement from the Foundation for Economic Education, on 13 Dec 1992
"It is customary on occasions such as this to begin by stating what an honor it is to have been asked to speak, and the challenge with which I find myself confronted is how to express to you my deep sense of privilege without it sounding in any way perfunctory. ... I am, in a sense, an heir to his legacy, and it is with an overwhelming sense of gratitude to Almighty God that I am aware of being merely one of Ed's intellectual descendants, though luckier than the others, because it is I who have the honor of giving voice to what I feel sure each of them would say. Ed, in my person, your children rise up to call you blessed."
Morality and Social Security, Future of Freedom, Dec 1999
"Just as parents care for their young now, it was once well understood that the middle-aged have a moral responsibility to care for their aging parents. ... Social Security has gone a long way toward severing those ties ... Social Security has also contributed to the crowding out of private charity ..."
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Religion and Freedom, Future of Freedom, Dec 1993
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