Territory in northwest Africa, ruled since 1956 by the al Mamlakah al Maghribiyah


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"Morocco (Arabic: المغرب‎ al-Maghrib ; Berber: ⵍⵎⴻⵖⵔⵉⴱ / ⴰⵎⴻⵔⵔⵓⴽ Elmeɣrib / Amerruk), officially the Kingdom of Morocco, is a country located in North Africa. It has a population of about 35 million and an area of 710,850 km², including the disputed region of the Western Sahara, seen by and mostly administered by Morocco as the Southern Provinces. Morocco is part of the Maghreb region, in addition to Tunisia, Algeria, Mauritania, and Libya, with which it shares cultural, historical and linguistic ties. ..."

Measures of Freedom

Human Freedom Index [PDF], The Human Freedom Index 2016
2014: 6.09, Rank: 131, Personal Freedom: 5.76, Economic Freedom: 6.42, Democracy Index: 3.89
Level of Economic Freedom, Economic Freedom of the World
2014: 6.42, Rank: 118
Morocco | Freedom House, Freedom in the World 2016
2016: Status: Partly Free, Aggregate Score: 45, Political Rights: 5, Civil Liberties: 4
"In September 2015, Morocco held regional and municipal elections for the first time under the constitutional framework established in 2011. The results were widely perceived as a victory for the moderate Islamist Justice and Development Party (PJD), the largest party in parliament, which won the most individual seats at the regional level and majorities on the municipal councils of all of Morocco's major urban areas."