Archipelago in the southwest Pacific Ocean, ruled since 1970 by the Puleʻanga Fakatuʻi ʻo Tonga


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"Tonga, officially the Kingdom of Tonga (Tongan: Puleʻanga Fakatuʻi ʻo Tonga), is a sovereign state and an archipelago in the South Pacific Ocean, comprising 176 islands scattered over 700,000 square kilometres of ocean in the South Pacific. Fifty-two of the islands are inhabited. ..."

Measures of Freedom

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2016: Status: Free, Aggregate Score: 75, Political Rights: 2, Civil Liberties: 2
"A new government headed by longtime democracy activist ʻAkilisi Pohiva of the Democratic Party of the Friendly Islands took office in January 2015 following general elections in November 2014. However, the prime minister soon became entangled in a series of controversies. The first involved Pohiva's appointment of his son as his personal assistant. Pohiva claimed that only his son could help him with his health needs and that he was paying him out of his own salary. By September, lawmakers were questioning the use of public funds to pay for the son's travel expenses."