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"Rush is a Canadian rock band comprising bassist, keyboardist, and lead vocalist Geddy Lee, guitarist Alex Lifeson, and drummer and lyricist Neil Peart. Rush was formed in the summer of 1968, in the neighbourhood of Willowdale in Toronto, Ontario, by Alex Lifeson, Jeff Jones, and John Rutsey. Geddy Lee replaced Jeff Jones in September 1968. There were several ephemeral lineup fluctuations between 1968 and May 1971, before Neil Peart replaced Rutsey on drums in July 1974, two weeks before the group's first U.S. tour, to complete the present line-up. Since the release of the band's self-titled debut album in 1974 Rush has become known for the instrumental virtuosity of its members, complex compositions, and eclectic lyrical motifs drawing heavily on science fiction, fantasy, libertarian philosophy, as well as addressing humanitarian, social, emotional, and environmental concerns. ..."


26 May - 15 Aug 2004, 30th Anniversary Tour, in several cities, United States


Neil PeartDrummer, lyricist


The Top 25 Liberty Songs, by Bill Winter, Libertarian Party News, Aug 2001
List of 25 "Liberty's Best Songs" chosen from over 200 suggestions, and a supplementary list of 25 runners-up
"Song: Something for Nothing ... Artist: Rush ... The song that best exemplifies liberty is 'Something for Nothing,' written by Neil Peart (who is a Libertarian). The lyrics begin by pointing out how most of us are waiting for someone or something to come along and change our lives. ... Song: The Trees ... There are any number of songs by Rush that express libertarian ideas; I am tempted to choose 2112 instead ..."
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