American science fiction writer, winner of Prometheus Best Novel and Hall of Fame awards


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"Joseph Neil Schulman (born April 16, 1953 in Forest Hills, New York, USA) is a novelist, screenwriter, journalist, radio personality, a filmmaker and actor. His works include the novels Alongside Night and The Rainbow Cadenza, both of which won the Libertarian Futurist Society's annual Prometheus Award for best libertarian novel, and the anthology Nasty, Brutish, And Short Stories. His latest novel is the comic fantasy, Escape from Heaven, and he is producing his own screenplay adaptation as a feature film. His articles and essays have been published in magazines ranging from National Review to Cult Movies, and in newspapers including articles for the Los Angeles Times. His nonfiction books include The Frame of the Century? in which he suggested an alternate killer who could have framed O.J. Simpson for the murder of his ex-wife. ..."

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Awards Received

1984 Prometheus Best Novel Award, granted by Libertarian Futurist Society, Prometheus Best Novel Award
For The Rainbow Cadenza
1989 Prometheus Hall of Fame Award, granted by Libertarian Futurist Society, Prometheus Hall of Fame Award
For Alongside Night


Former Advisory Panel member, Center for a Stateless Society
Eris Society

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J. Neil Schulman - Libertarian
Advocates for Self-Government


Robert A. Heinlein's Soaring Spirit of Liberty, by Jim Powell, The Freeman, Jul 1997
Biographical essay, including multiple quotes from fellow authors and significant excerpts from Heinlein's novels and stories
"Author J. Neil Schulman spoke for many when he confided that 'If Robert Heinlein hadn't written the books he wrote, and I hadn't read them, I doubt very much that I would have had the intellectual background necessary to climb out of the hole I was in between the ages of fifteen and eighteen. He wrote about futures that were worth living for. He wrote about talented people who felt life was worth living and made it worth living, no matter what the breaks that fell their way. His characters never had an easy time of it, but they persevered.'"


Dubya and Dubai, Rational Review, 22 Feb 2006
"... overall, its clear to me that (a) the $7 billion dollar deal to the benefit of the government of Dubai is the typical sort of baksheesh that the United States makes to foreign governments we need as strategic allies, and (b) it's part of a long-term intelligence initiative."
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Why this libertarian is voting to re-elect George W. Bush, 21 Oct 2004
"... I gave up casting my ballot symbolically in any race in which ... [it] stood any chance whatsoever in effecting a preferable outcome. Purists have told me ... 'the lesser of two evils is still evil.' I ... counter that argument with one taught to me by ... Brad Linaweaver: 'the lesser of two evils is less evil.'"
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Books Authored

Alongside Night, 1979
1989 Prometheus Hall of Fame Award
The Rainbow Cadenza, 1983
1984 Prometheus Award winner


Alongside Night Author J Neil Schulman sat down with MHD in Las Vegas, by Pete Eyre, J. Neil Schulman, 1 May 2009
Schulman discusses agorism, countereconomics, Sam Konkin, Alongside Night and his current projects based on the latter