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Group of free thinkers who meet to discuss the arts and sciences, philosophy and theology
Eris Society


Eris, Jargon File
The Greek goddess of Chaos, Discord, Confusion, and Things You Know Not Of; her name was latinized to Discordia and she was worshiped by that name in Rome. Not a very friendly deity in the Classical original, she was reinvented as a more benign personification of creative anarchy starting in 1959 by the adherents of Discordianism and has since been a semi-serious subject of veneration in several "fringe" cultures, including hackerdom.


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Websites - The Eris Society
Archived website; sections include conferences (up to 2006), Erisians (list of speakers and some attendees at the meetings) and a news wiki (hosted at
Eris is the Greek goddess of discord, whose golden apple was marked Kallisti — "to the fairest". The squabble over this apple created the jealousy that led to the Trojan War. We have adopted that name to describe a group of free thinkers who meet once a year to discuss the arts and sciences, philosophy and theology and any other subject which may lead us to the world of ideas beyond our workaday lives.

Web Pages

Advocates for Self-Government - Libertarian Education: Doug Casey - Libertarian
Includes photograph, profile and quotes
Doug Casey travels 150,000 miles a year looking for bargains. Investment bargains, that is ... In 1981, he founded the Eris Society (named after the Greek goddess of discord), a group of 'free thinkers' who discuss the arts, science, philosophy, politics, and theology from a libertarian perspective.
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Presentation to The Eris Society 2000, by L. Neil Smith, 2000
Discusses Smith's plan for prevent an extinction level event, such as the Cretaceous–Tertiary extinction, including related topics such as the diffent categories of asteroids, their chemical composition and terraforming
Earlier this year, I promised Boston (Ken Royce) that I would speak to you today about how to get people back into space again (and real people into space for the first time) and why it's absolutely essential that we do it as quickly as possible. I also said it was imperative that the effort be carried out by libertarians, or at least on libertarian terms, and that I would explain the why of that, as well. I'll begin by confessing that I believe, in the words of Mr. Spock, that reaching for the stars is the "first best destiny" of humankind, and that's reason enough to do it.