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"The song is a relatively short musical composition for the human voice (possibly accompanied by other musical instruments), which features words (lyrics). It is typically for a solo singer, though may also be a duet, trio, or for more voices (works with more than one voice to a part, however, are considered choral). The words of songs are typically of a poetic, rhyming nature, although they may be religious verses or free prose. ..."


The Top 25 Liberty Songs, by Bill Winter, Libertarian Party News, Aug 2001
List of 25 "Liberty's Best Songs" chosen from over 200 suggestions, and a supplementary list of 25 runners-up
"... songs that celebrate human freedom, civil liberties, resistance to tyranny, or just plain old all-American 'I did it my way' individualism. ... Sunshine ... My Life ... 911 is a joke ... Get Up, Stand Up ... Liberty ... Something for Nothing ... 1% ... Taxman ... Copperhead Road ... America ... The Plan ... People Want to Be Free ... I Want To Be Free (That's the Truth) ... Capitalism ... My Way ... Inside Four Walls ... The Coalition to Ban Coalitions ... Freedom of Speech ... The Trees"
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Won't Get Fooled Again, by Pete Townshend, 1979
One of the runners-up to the "Top 25 Liberty Songs," in a live performance on acoustic guitar