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2006 movie about William Wilberforce and the campaign to abolish the slave trade in the British Empire
Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace is a 2006 British-American biographical drama film directed by Michael Apted, about the campaign against the slave trade in the British Empire, led by William Wilberforce, who was responsible for steering anti-slave trade legislation through the British parliament. The title is a reference to the hymn "Amazing Grace". The film also recounts the experiences of John Newton as a crewman on a slave ship and subsequent religious conversion, which inspired his writing of the poem later used in the hymn. Newton is portrayed as a major influence on Wilberforce and the abolition movement.

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The idealist William Wilberforce maneuvers his way through Parliament, endeavoring to end the British transatlantic slave trade.


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The relentless determination of one man, William Wilberforce, turns the tide of history to spark the beginning of the end of the global slave trade. ... 'This is one of the greatest stories in history. And now it is the subject of an impressive new movie…the story reminds us that humanity has made great progress toward freedom, that each battle for freedom can be long and seemingly futile, but that the goal is worth time and money and effort.' –The Guardian


Amazing Grace (2007), by Stephen W. Carson
What could be more opposed to the principle of self-ownership than slavery, an institution that is, very possibly, older than the state? And what, therefore, has been a greater victory in the modern age than the peaceful (outside of the U.S.) abolition of slavery? This movie tells the first crucial part of that inspiring tale: the abolition of the deadly slave trade led by William Wilberforce.


Amazing Grace movie trailer, 23 Feb 2007

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