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1988 Francis Ford Coppola movie depicting Preston Tucker's introduction of his 1948 sedan
Tucker: The Man and His Dream

Tucker: The Man and His Dream is a 1988 American biographical comedy-drama film directed by Francis Ford Coppola and starring Jeff Bridges. The film recounts the story of Preston Tucker and his attempt to produce and market the 1948 Tucker Sedan, which was met with scandal between the "Big Three automobile manufacturers" and accusations of stock fraud from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Joan Allen, Martin Landau, Elias Koteas, Frederic Forrest and Christian Slater appear in supporting roles.

Cast and Crew

Jeff BridgesPreston Tucker
Francis Ford Coppoladirector

Memorable Lines

Preston's closing argument
We invented the 'free enterprise' system, where anybody, no matter who he was, where he came from, what class he belonged to - if he came up with a better idea about anything, there's no limit to how far he could go. I grew up a generation too late, I guess, because now the way the system works, the loner, the dreamer, the crackpot who comes up with some crazy idea that everybody laughs at, that later turns out to revolutionize the world - he's squashed from above before he even gets his head out of the water because the bureaucrats, they'd rather kill a new idea than let it rock the boat! If Benjamin Franklin were alive today, he'd be thrown in jail for sailing a kite without a license!


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The Big Three automakers use government influence to crush a competitor. Based on a true story. ... 'Preston Tucker produced just fifty cars before his company was shut down by the federal government on the basis of trumped-up SEC violations. Although he was subsequently vindicated, the legal battle cost him his savings, and he died several years later. ...' –


Tucker: A Man and His Dream (1988), by Stephen W. Carson
Directed by Francis Ford Coppola and produced by George Lucas, this is a love letter from these two great film entrepeneurs to the American entrepeneur. Preston Tucker was an actual inventor who designed a car in the 1940s to challenge the big three automakers. This film dramatizes his struggle to bring his product to market and the political/big business combination that puts a stop to his efforts.
Tucker: A Man and His Dream (1988)
    by Jon Osborne, Miss Liberty's Guide to Film and Video, 2001
... as soon as the money starts coming in, Tucker does build his dream car. That's when the trouble starts. The last thing the Big Three automakers want is a competitor, so they pull political strings to get the SEC to go after him. ... It's also a compelling illustration of the tendency of big government to operate on behalf of entrenched companies to the disadvantage of new entrants.

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