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Short written compositions, such as essays, articles, papers, pamphlets or short stories

Featured Works

  • Dào Dé Jīng - Manuscript attributed to Lǎozǐ that is the foundational text of philosophical and religious Daoism
  • Law, The - Pamphlet by Bastiat in which he argued the law becomes perverted when used to violate individual rights
  • No Treason - Set of essays authored by Lysander Spooner discussing natural law, the science of justice and the validity of the United States Constitution
  • Resistance to Civil Government - Essay by Thoreau, retitled posthumously as "Civil Disobedience", in which he argued that individuals have a duty to resist government-imposed injustice
  • Voluntary Servitude, Discourse on - 16th century French text arguing that rulers stay in power due to the submissive and obedient behavior of the subjects