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Historical, legendary or other dramatic films usually involving heroic characters or events

Featured Works

  • Schindler's List - 1993 Oscar-winning movie about a German businessman who saved Polish Jews from Auschwitz

Notable Works

  • All Quiet on the Western Front - 1930 Oscar-winning movie about what was then called the Great War
  • Braveheart - 1995 movie that recounts the story of William Wallace
  • Doctor Zhivago - 1965 Oscar-winning movie about life around the time of the 1917 Russian Revolution
  • Gone With the Wind - 1939 Oscar-winning movie about romance during the U.S. Civil War
  • Spartacus - 1960 Stanley Kubrick film recounting the story of a gladiator who led a slave revolt
  • Ten Commandments, The - 1956 movie recounting the biblical story of Moses freeing the Hebrews from Egypt