1965 Oscar-winning movie about life around the time of the 1917 Russian Revolution


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"Doctor Zhivago (Russian: До́ктор Жива́го) is a 1965 epic drama-romance-war film directed by David Lean and loosely based on the famous novel of the same name by Boris Pasternak. It has remained popular for decades, and as of 2010 is the eighth highest grossing film of all time in the United States, adjusted for inflation. ..."

Cast and Crew

Julie ChristieLara Antipova
Alec GuinnessGeneral Yevgraf Zhivago
Omar SharifDr. Yuri Andreyevich Zhivago
David LeanDirector

Video Products

Doctor Zhivago (45th Anniversary Edition) (1965), 4 May 2010
Doctor Zhivago (Two-Disc Special Edition) (1965), 6 Nov 2001


Doctor Zhivago (1965), by Stephen W. Carson
"'The personal life is dead in Russia. History has killed it.' With these words, Commander Strelnikov sums up the effect of the Bolshevik Revolution on a generation of Russians. The movie, based on Boris Pasternak's novel, follows the poet Doctor Zhivago as his personal life is taken from him, one piece at a time, by the violence of the great utopian experiment."