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Newsletter edited by Murray Rothbard, published between 1 Mar 1969 and Dec 1984

The Libertarian Forum was a market anarchist magazine published about twice a month from 1969 to 1984. Its editor and chief author was Murray Rothbard; initially, Karl Hess also served as Washington editor. Currently all the issues are available in the recopilatory book The Complete Libertarian Forum 1969–1984.


Libertarian Forum: 1969-1986
    by Marvin Perry, The Conservative Press in Twentieth-Century America, 1999
Believing that there was an acute need 'for far more cohesion and intercommunication in the libertarian movement,' Murray N. Rothbard and Joseph R. Peden founded the Libertarian, a semimonthly newsletter that first appeared on 1 March 1969. ... The Libertarian Forum analyzed domestic and international affairs with the ultimate aim of transforming society in accordance with libertarian principles.

Publication Frequency

April 1969-January 1971
January/February 1978-July/August 1980

Staff and Associates

Murray RothbardEditor

Archived Media

The Libertarian Forum
Archived issues, from 1969 to 1984, in PDF format, with several articles converted to HTML

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