Director of customer research for General Motors during the early 20th century

Henry Grady Weaver (24 December 1889 – 3 January 1949) was the director of Customer Research Staff for General Motors Corporation, and shown on the cover of the 14 November 1938 issue of Time magazine. He is credited with developing the use of the survey questionnaire to investigate customer preferences for design features in cars. He is best known for his work, The Mainspring of Human Progress.


23 Dec 1889, in Eatonton, Georgia


3 Jan 1949, in Detroit, Michigan


Book Review: The Mainspring of Human Progress by Henry Grady Weaver, by William H. Peterson, The Freeman, Jun 1998
"Henry Grady Weaver (1889-1949), a General Motors marketing executive who made the cover of Time in 1938, saw the role of the individual as central in American business. That role can be highly constructive, cautioned Weaver, only if two conditions are met—limited government and people who adhered to an ethical code."
Henry Grady Weaver's Classic Vision of Freedom, by John Hood, The Freeman, Aug 1997
"Weaver was a practical man as well as a vigorous defender of American business. He understood that, in order to persuade his readers that the free enterprise system was worth preserving, he would have to eschew elaborate theory and focus instead on historic fact and common sense."


Talking To Ourselves, The Freeman, Sep 1955
"Between the great things we cannot do and the small things we will not do, the danger is that we shall do nothing. ... Little if any thought is given to the one thing that we can effectively accomplish, namely, how to improve ourselves and our own thinking as individuals."
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The Great Multiplier, The Mainspring of Human Progress, 1947
"Progress toward better living would never have been possible, except through the development of tools to extend the uses of human energy-tools that harness the forces of nature as a substitute for muscular effort. ... The introduction of tools marked the beginning of man's progress in three important directions ..."
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Books Authored

The Mainspring of Human Progress, 1947
  • ISBN 1572460644: Paperback, Foundation for Econ Education, 3rd Rev edition, 1997

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