20th century British professor of economics

Edwin George West (27 February 1922 – 6 October 2001) was an economist and economic historian at Carleton University interested in the relationship between the state and the education sector. He applied public choice theory to state education and "he had a profound influence on both academic scholarship and education policy in Britain and abroad". The E.G. West Centre at Newcastle University is named in his honor.


27 Feb 1922, in Goldthorpe, Yorkshire, England


16 Oct 2001, in England


Interview with Adam Smith [via Edwin West], The Region, Jun 1994
Professor Edwin G. West stands in for Adam Smith and answers questions from the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis banking and policy issues magazine
"... you will find in my The Wealth of Nations a wide survey of many forms of societies, including Greek republics, democracies, monarchies, federal governments, governments of mercantile companies, the American colonies and established churches. I was attempting to determine what bearing these institutional differences had upon relative economic success. But what was also new was that such success was measured in terms of per capita, not per monarch, per company or per church success."

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