Associate Professor of Economics at Santa Clara University


Adjunct Scholar, Cato Institute
Research Fellow, Independent Institute

Writings, a project of The Independent Institute, by Independent Institute, Daniel B. Klein, Alexander Tabarrok
Sections include: history of drug regulation, the drug development and approval process, drug safety, theory and examples of FDA harm, reform options and alternative solutions
Related Topic: Health Care

Books Authored

Curb Rights: A Foundation for Free Enterprise in Urban Transit
    by Daniel B. Klein, Adrian T. Moore, Binyam Reja, 1997
Related Topic: Transportation
The Half-Life of Policy Rationales: How New Technology Affects Old Policy Issues
    by Fred E. Foldvary (Editor), Daniel B. Klein (Editor), Cato Institute, 2003
Contents: Metering, Excluding, and Charging: Technology, marine conservation, and fisheries management - Quality Assurance and Consumer Protection: Technology and the case for free banking - Natural Monopoly? - Other Areas of Policy
Related Topic: Technology
Three Libertarian Essays
    by Daniel B. Klein, Foundation for Economic Education, 1998
Contents: Go Ahead and Let Him Try: A Plea for Economic Laissez-Faire - Liberty, Dignity, and Responsibility: The Moral Triad of a Good Society - If Government is So Villainous How Come Government Officials Don't Seem Like Villains?
Related Topic: Libertarianism
What Do Economists Contribute?
    by Daniel B. Klein (Editor), Cato Institute, 1999
Partial contents: On the Role of Values in the Work of Economists - Economists and Public Policy - On the Decline of Authority of Economists - 'Realism' in Policy Espousal - How To Do Well While Doing Good! - The Common Weal and Economic Stories
Related Topic: Economists