Actions by government that restrict individual liberty
  • Armies, Standing - Maintaining permanent armies of paid or conscripted soldiers
  • Foreign Entanglements - Unnecessary involvement with other nations
  • Militarism - A political system influenced greatly by a large, permanent military force
  • Repression, Moral - Legislation and government actions that attempt to dictate "moral and proper" behavior
  • State, The - The group of people that, having effective control over a government, benefit the most from the exercise of its power
  • Terrorism - The systematic use of violence to attempt to achieve ideological goals
  • War - Armed conflict between nations: "The Health of the State"


UpdFaculty Spotlight Interview: Walter Block, by Walter Block, 18 Jan 2010
Asks Block about his hobbies, greatest inspiration, the impact of his work and more
"Obviously, the greatest threat to liberty today is the U.S. government. It has some 1000 military bases abroad, on the territory of about 200 foreign countries. Its military budget is larger than such expenditures of virtually all other countries put together. It is fighting 2-3(?) wars at present against countries that have not first invaded us or credibly threatened to do so ... Domestic incursions against liberty pale into insignificance by comparison, and, yet, they, too, are serious. We live in a nanny state, where we mundanes (boobus americanus) are forced to obey orders."