Emotional and sexual relationships between men and women


'Date Rape' on Campus, by Murray Rothbard, The Rothbard-Rockwell Report, Feb 1991
Discusses recent alleged epidemic of "date rape" on college campuses, as reported by the New York Times
"The point is that, as in so many other aspects of human 'relationships,' the feminists are setting out to destroy romance (if that word is not yet obsolete), which thrives on spontaneity, and on implicit, non-verbal mutual understanding. Which is also the problem with the current mania for condoms and other elaborate birth-control machinations."
Playboy Interview: Ayn Rand, by Ayn Rand, Alvin Toffler, Playboy, Mar 1964
Topics discussed include objectivism ethics, guilt, having a productive or creative purpose, emotions, women and family, romantic love, sex, marriage, religion, compassion, other writers, government, various politicians and altruism
"The only man capable of experiencing a profound romantic love is the man driven by passion for his work—because love is an expression of self-esteem, of the deepest values in a man's or a woman's character. One falls in love with the person who shares these values. If a man has no clearly defined values, and no moral character, he is not able to appreciate another person."


Love 101: To Love Oneself Is the Beginning of a Lifelong Romance, by Peter McWilliams, 1995
Electronic text partially available at author's site
Related Topic: Self-Esteem
The Psychology of Romantic Love: What Love Is, Why Love Is Born, Why It Sometimes Grows, Why It Sometimes Dies
    by Nathaniel Branden, 1980
The Romantic Love Question and Answer Book
    by Nathaniel Branden, 1982