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1959 Cold War comedy starring Peter Sellers
The Mouse that Roared

The Mouse That Roared is a 1959 British satirical Eastman Color comedy film based on Leonard Wibberley's novel The Mouse That Roared (1955). It stars Peter Sellers in three roles: Duchess Gloriana XII; Count Rupert Mountjoy, the Prime Minister, and Tully Bascomb, the military leader; and co-stars Jean Seberg. The film was directed by Jack Arnold, and the screenplay was written by Roger MacDougall and Stanley Mann.

Cast and Crew

Leo McKernBenter
Peter SellersTully Bascombe, Grand Duchess Gloriana XII, Prime Minister Count Rupert Mountjoy

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The Mouse That Roared (1959), 8 Jul 2003


Memorial Day Alternative, by Butler Shaffer, 16 May 2007
Short summaries of anti-war films with rankings (as a number of *'s [1-3]) in terms of importance
* The Mouse That Roared – ... the Peter Sellers classic about a European duchy that figures the best way out of its financial difficulties is to wage war on America, and then receive post-war foreign aid.


The Mouse That Roared (1959), by Stephen W. Carson
The tiniest country in the world has fallen on hard economic times and decides on a novel way of getting out of their fix. The Prime Minister's proposal: 'There isn't a more profitable undertaking for any country than to declare war on the United States ...' ... A fun film that lampoons the state while also showing its insanely destructive nature.


The Mouse that Roared TRailer, 1959
Includes some memorable (and amusing) scenes

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