Individuals who organize and assume the risks of a business
  • Cobden, Richard - Nineteenth century British politician, leading proponent of free trade
  • Hancock, John - Signer of the U.S. Declaration of Independence, president of the Second Continental Congress
  • Johnson, Gary - Governor of New Mexico (1995-2003), 2012 Libertarian Party U.S. presidential candidate
  • Rodgers, T. J. - Co-founder and CEO of Cypress Semiconductor Corp.


Cantillon for Laymen, by Karen De Coster, Mises Daily, 7 Jun 2006
Discusses the themes in Cantillon's Essai in general terms, including a short biographical section
"This first part of the Essai is where Cantillon makes the distinction between entrepreneurs and workers ... Accordingly, ... there are at least 110 separate references to the word 'entrepreneur' ... This term is thought to have been first used by Cantillon, and it was later popularized by John Stuart Mill ... Cantillon visualizes the entrepreneur as being a risk-taker, dealing with uncertain returns in a market where prices and quantities are non-fixed and unknown. This bearing of risk, on the part of the entrepreneur, is what warrants him an appropriate profit in exchanges with willing buyers."
Talkers versus doers, by Thomas Sowell, 9 Jun 2004
"Why can't the talkers leave the doers alone? Perhaps it is because that would leave the talkers on the sidelines, with their uselessness being painfully obvious to all, instead of being in the limelight and 'making a difference' — even if that difference is usually negative."
Talkers versus doers, Part II, by Thomas Sowell, 10 Jun 2004
"The fact that benefits have costs means that those who create these benefits are tempting targets for accusations from those who know how to dramatize the costs. ... most people have not been taught to weigh costs against benefits or to subject hot rhetoric to cold logic."