Taller, louder half of Penn and Teller magician duo
Penn Jillette

Penn Fraser Jillette (born 5 March 1955) is an American magician, juggler, comedian, musician, inventor, actor, filmmaker, television personality and best-selling author known for his work with fellow magician Teller as half of the team Penn & Teller. The duo have been featured in numerous stage and television shows such as Penn & Teller: Fool Us, and Penn & Teller: Bullshit, and are currently headlining in Las Vegas at The Rio. Jillette serves as the act's orator and raconteur.


Penn and Teller - The Advocates
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5 Mar 1955, Penn Fraser Jillette, in Greenfield, Massachusetts


Cato Institute, H.L. Mencken Research Fellow

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Penn and Teller - The Advocates
Biography, picture and quotes
"Las Vegas headliners Penn & Teller are often described as the 'bad boys of magic.' You could also call them the 'bad boys of liberty' -- since both the bigger, louder half (Penn Jillette) and the smaller, silent half (Raymond Joseph Teller) are self-proclaimed libertarians."


Internet Movie Database: Penn Jillette
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A "Magical" Visit to Libertarian Party Headquarters, Libertarian Party News, Jan 1998
Clint Eastwood announces: I'm a "libertarian", Libertarian Party News, 18 Feb 1997
Libertarian Party press release based on Eastwood's response to a Playboy interview question: "How would you characterize yourself politically?"
"Eastwood joins a growing number of individuals in the entertainment industry who have identified themselves as libertarians. Included on that list are TV star John Laroquette, humorist Dave Barry, author P.J. O'Rourke, movie actor Russell Means, magician Jillette Penn, author Camille Paglia, TV reporter John Stossell, and comedian Dennis Miller."
Penn Jillette - The magician-comedian-writer's secrets revealed!, by Bryan Curtis, 4 Feb 2006
"Penn Jillette's place in show business is less as a magician or comedian than as a thinker. A very deep thinker. ... Jillette has made a career out of pulling back the curtain. ... In addition to announcing his libertarianism, he has told reporters that he is devoted to skepticism ... and that he is an atheist ..."


Voodoo and Violence: Magician Penn Jillette sees through the censors' tricks, by Penn Jillette, Steve Kurtz, Reason


Penn and Teller Explain Sleight of Hand, by Penn Jillette, Teller, 24 Nov 2006
Teller demonstrates seven principles of magic while Penn explains
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Penn Jillette: Why I Am A Libertarian, 21 Nov 2011
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Penn's Obama Rant, Penn's Sunday School, 19 May 2012
Penn talks about Obama's admission of using "marijuana and maybe a little blow"
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