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Writers and editors of newspapers, magazines and other media
  • Bock, Alan - Former senior editorial writer for The Orange County Register
  • Bradford, R. W. - Co-founder, editor and publisher of Liberty (1987) magazine
  • Chamberlain, John - 20th century American journalist and author
  • Chamberlin, William Henry - 20th century American journalist
  • Chapman, Steve - Editorial writer for the Chicago Tribune and nationally syndicated columnist
  • Flynn, John T. - American journalist, author of The Roosevelt Myth
  • Garrett, Garet - Financial writer for the Saturday Evening Post
  • Garrison, William Lloyd - Nineteenth century American journalist and abolitionist
  • Gillespie, Nick - Editor of and
  • Hazlitt, Henry - Journalist, author of Economics in One Lesson
  • Mencken, H. L. - Journalist, author of The American Language
  • Morley, Felix - 20th century American journalist, editor of the Washington Post and Human Events
  • Paterson, Isabel - Canadian-born, American literary critic, author of The God of the Machine
  • Poirot, Paul L. - Editor of The Freeman (1956-1987)
  • Richman, Sheldon - Executive editor of The Libertarian Institute, former editor of The Freeman and former vice president of the Future of Freedom Foundation
  • Riggenbach, Jeff - Journalist, broadcaster, columnist, former executive editor of The Libertarian Review
  • Sobran, Joseph - Nationally syndicated columnist, past Senior Editor for National Review
  • Stossel, John - Host of "Stossel" show on Fox Business channel and former ABC News correspondent for the "20/20" newsmagazine
  • Sullum, Jacob - Senior editor of Reason, nationally syndicated columnist
  • Taylor, Joan Kennedy - Author, founding member of Feminists for Free Expression
  • Wilder Lane, Rose - American journalist, author of The Discovery of Freedom