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Richard J. Maybury (born 10 October 1946) is the publisher of U.S. & World Early Warning Report for Investors. He has written several entry level books on United States economics, law and history from a libertarian perspective. He has written these things in epistolatory form, usually as an uncle writing to his nephew, answering questions. Maybury was a high school economics teacher. After failing to find a book which would give a clear explanation on his view of economics he wrote one himself. Some of his books include Uncle Eric Talks About Personal, Career & Financial Security—a book that is basically the foundation for his other books about the model perspective and Higher Law, Whatever Happened to Penny Candy?—a book that explains the history of the United States economic model and how it was based on free-market Austrian economics and Whatever Happened to Justice?—a book about his juris naturalist philosophical viewpoints regarding the foundations of America's legal system, British Common Law, the law of the Franks and early Christian Ireland.

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The Great Thanksgiving Hoax, The Free Market, Nov 1985
Describes what really happened to the Mayflower pilgrims (and also at Jamestown) by relying on governor William Bradford's History of Plymouth Plantation
"But after free markets were established, the resulting abundance was so dramatic that annual Thanksgiving celebrations became common throughout the colonies, and in 1863 Thanksgiving became a national holiday. Thus, the real meaning of Thanksgiving, deleted from the official story, is: Socialism does not work; the one and only source of abundance is free markets, and we thank God we live in a country where we can have them."


Interview: Richard Maybury, by Richard J. Maybury, Jim Elwood, Freedom Network News, 2003
Richard Maybury Interview, by Richard J. Maybury, Scott Horton, The Weekend Interview Show with Scott Horton, 20 Aug 2005
"Scott and Richard Maybury discuss his Chaostan model for examining the world, based on the Politics of Jefferson, and the economics of Hayek and Mises"


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