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"Paul Johnson (born Paul Bede Johnson on November 2, 1928 in Manchester, England) is a British Roman Catholic journalist, historian, speechwriter and author. He was educated at Stonyhurst College, and Magdalen College, Oxford. Johnson first came to prominence in the 1950s as a journalist writing for, and later editing, the New Statesman magazine. A prolific writer, since the 1970s, he has written several books and contributed to several magazines, gaining a reputation as a foremost conservative popular historian. ..."


Paul Johnson - Hero of the Day, The Daily Objectivist, 2000


Historian Paul Johnson on American Liberty, The Freeman, Jun 1996
"A model of freedom is tremendously important. ... Although Hong Kong is tiny, its phenomenal success has had an electrifying impact throughout Asia. People could ... see for themselves how well free markets work. New Zealand has swept away its welfare state—taxes, subsidies, everything—and embraced American-style individualism."

Books Authored

A History of Christianity, 1976
A History of the American People, 1997
Contents: Colonial America, 1580-1750 - Revolutionary America, 1750-1815 - Democratic, 1815-1850 - Civil War, 1850-1870 - Industrial, 1870-1912 - Melting-Pot, 1912-1929 - Superpower America, 1929-1960 - Problem-Solving, Problem-Creating America, 1960-1997
Related Topic: United States
A History of the Jews, 1987
Modern Times: The World from the Twenties to the Nineties, 1983
Napoleon, May 2002
Related Topic: France
The Renaissance: A Short History, 2000