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"Peter Alexander McWilliams (August 5, 1949 - June 14, 2000), born in Detroit, was a writer and cannabis activist. A vocal supporter of medical cannabis due to being terminally ill with AIDS and cancer, McWilliams was investigated by the Federal Drug Enforcement Agency and convicted for violating federal marijuana laws, even though medical marijuana was legal under California state law. He later choked to death on his own vomit when he was forced to switch from cannabis to Marinol in order to remain free on bond pending sentencing. ..."

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Web site created and maintained by McWilliams during his medical marijuana trial, now hosted by DrugSense.

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Peter McWilliams (1950-2000) - Libertarian
Advocates for Self-Government


Peter McWilliams - Hero of the Day, The Daily Objectivist, 2000
Peter McWilliams, RIP, by William F. Buckley Jr., 22 Jun 2000
"Peter was a wry, mythogenic guy, humorous, affectionate, articulate, shrewd, sassy. ... We were old friends ... Over the years we corresponded, and he would amiably twit my conservative opinions. ... Many of us are [saddened] -- by his death and the causes of it."
The Life and Death of Peter McWilliams: Another Casualty Of The War On Drugs, by R. W. Bradford, Liberty, Aug 2000
Relates Peter's life from 1996 until his death in June 2000
"As regular readers of Liberty know, Peter, a world famous author and a regular contributor to these pages, was diagnosed with AIDS and non-Hodgkins lymphoma in early 1996. Like many people stricken with AIDS or cancer, he had great difficulty keeping down the drugs that controlled or mitigated those afflictions. He began to smoke marijuana to control the drug-induced nausea. It saved his life: by early 1998, both his cancer and his AIDS were under control."

Books Authored

Ain't Nobody's Business If You Do: The Absurdity of Consensual Crimes in Our Free Country, 1993
Electronic text available at author's site
Related Topic: Moral Liberty
Life 101: Everything We Wish We Had Learned About Life in School--But Didn't, Apr 1990
Electronic text available at author's site
Related Topics: Learning, Life
Love 101: To Love Oneself Is the Beginning of a Lifelong Romance, 1995
Electronic text partially available at author's site
Related Topics: Romantic Love, Self-Esteem