The City of Angels

Birthplace of

Ed Crane, Edward H. Crane III, on 15 Aug 1944

Deathplace of

Barbara Branden, on 11 Dec 2013
Nathaniel Branden, on 3 Dec 2014
Samuel Edward Konkin III, in West Los Angeles, on 23 Feb 2004

Conferences and Conventions

Libertarian Party of California, Convention 2005, from 18 Feb to 20 Feb 2005


Libertarian Party of California, Liberty at Sea '06, to Ensenada, Mexico, from 24 Feb to 27 Feb 2006


Samuel Edward Konkin III, by Jeff Riggenbach, 29 Jul 2010
Biographical essay; including examination of Konkin's ideas on the Counter-Economy; transcript of "The Libertarian Tradition" podcast of 20 July 2010
"In the libertarian intellectual and social scene in Los Angeles in the early '70s, everybody was from somewhere else. In my first year in Los Angeles, 1972–1973, three of the most personally important people I met were Roy A. Childs Jr., ... George H. Smith, ... and Lou Rollins ... In Los Angeles in the early to mid-1970s, you seldom saw an entire week go by without at least one opportunity to get together with local and visiting libertarians, especially if you were willing to drive a few miles across town or even into a neighboring county."