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"... He is ... the author of Free Agent Nation, the provocative and acclaimed Washington Post bestseller about the growing ranks of people who work for themselves. ... Daniel is a Contributing Editor at Wired and his business and technology articles have featured in New York Times, Harvard Business Review, Fast Company, and other publications. ... Daniel held his last real job in the White House, where he served from 1995 to 1997 as chief speechwriter to Vice President Al Gore. ..."


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School's Out: Get ready for the new age of individualized education, Reason, Oct 2001
"Through most of history, people learned from tutors or their close relatives. ... Not until the early 20th century did public schools as we know them ... become widespread. And not until the 1920s did attending one become compulsory. ... Compulsory mass schooling is an aberration in both history and modern society. "
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