Students and teachers of fundamental principles
  • Aristotle - Greek philosopher, tutor of young Alexander the Great
  • Bentham, Jeremy - 18th/19th century English philosopher and legal scholar, an early proponent of utilitarianism
  • Condillac, Etienne Bonnot de - 18th century French philosopher
  • Ferguson, Adam - 18th century Scottish philosopher and historian
  • Flew, Antony - British philosopher, emeritus professor of philosophy, University of Reading
  • Herbert, Auberon - Nineteenth century English philosopher and Member of Parliament
  • Hospers, John - Professor of philosophy, 1972 Libertarian Presidential candidate
  • Hume, David - 18th century Scottish philosopher
  • Hutcheson, Francis - 18th century Irish philosopher
  • Illich, Ivan - 20th century philosopher, author of Deschooling Society
  • Johnson, Charles W. - Web developer, left-libertarian writer, student of philosophy
  • Kelley, David - Founder and Executive Director of The Objectivist Center
  • Laozi - Ancient Chinese philosopher, author of the Dao De Jing
  • Locke, John - 17th century English philosopher
  • Machan, Tibor R. - Professor of philosophy and business ethics, co-founder of Reason magazine
  • Mandeville, Bernard de - 18th century Dutch philosopher, physician and satirist
  • Mill, John Stuart - Nineteenth century British philosopher and economist
  • Molyneux, Stefan - Host of "Freedomain Radio," billed as "the largest and most popular philosophy show"
  • Narveson, Jan - Professor of philosophy at the University of Waterloo, Canada, and author of The Libertarian Idea
  • Nozick, Robert - Professor of philosophy, author of Anarchy, State, and Utopia
  • Popper, Karl - 20th century Austrian-born British philosopher
  • Rand, Ayn - Objectivist philosopher, novelist
  • Spencer, Herbert - 19th century English philosopher
  • Thoreau, Henry David - Nineteenth-century American author, noted for the essay "Civil Disobedience"


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