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"Robert Prechter was born in 1949. He attended Yale University on a full scholarship and received a B.A. in psychology in 1971. ... In 1979, Prechter founded Elliott Wave International and began publishing monthly market analysis under the masthead, The Elliott Wave Theorist. ... Over the years, Prechter expanded his business and now employs a staff of analysts who apply the Wave Principle to all major markets around the world."

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Robert Prechter - Preparing to Survive and Conquer the Crash, by Robert Prechter, Jay Taylor, 14 May 2005
"... the Fed has to protect the value of Treasury bonds because T-bonds constitute its reserves and are the source of its power. ... if it began to print currency ... creditors holding over $30 trillion worth of ... debt would know it, and they would sell. And that would make the dollar value of the credit supply contract, maybe even crash."