20th century American journalist


1897, in


1969, in Switzerland


William Henry Chamberlin: 1897-1969, by Leonard Read, The Freeman, Nov 1969
"Though he wrote nearly a score of books, he remained essentially a newspaperman. In a career that spanned half a century, he traveled extensively, meeting people, asking questions, shaping and reshaping his own views. ... Through it all Mr. Chamberlin remained ebullient, ever confident that man, given time and proper leadership, could find his way through the wilderness."


How Franklin Roosevelt Lied America Into War, Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace, 1953
"One is left, therefore, with the inescapable conclusion that the promises to 'keep America out of foreign wars' were a deliberate hoax on the American people, perpetrated for the purpose of insuring Roosevelt's re-election and thereby enabling him to proceed with his plan of gradually edging the United States into war."