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Sharon Harris

Sharon Harris is a libertarian political activist. She was president of the Advocates for Self-Government for 20 years. She was a founding member of the Libertarian Party of Georgia, involved in many party and political campaign activities. In 1994, she was candidate for Commissioner of Agriculture of Georgia, receiving 23% of the total votes in a two-way race. The Libertarian Party honored her in 2012 with the Thomas Jefferson Award (for outstanding leadership) and in 2014 with the Thomas Paine Award (for outstanding communication).

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Advocates for Self-Government, President, May 1995-May 2015
Eris Society
Libertarian Party of Georgia, Founding member, 1972

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Advocates for Self-Government - Libertarian Education: Sharon Harris - Libertarian
Includes photo, biographical profile and quotes about and by Harris
Sharon Harris is President of the Advocates for Self-Government, a nonprofit educational organization ... She was one of the three finalists for the National LP’s 'Thomas Paine Award for Outstanding Libertarian Communicator' – selected by members of the party and presented at the 2000 National Convention. She also has the honor of being one of the most successful Libertarian Party candidates ever – receiving over 300,000 votes in her race for Georgia Commissioner of Agriculture in 1994. Prior to ... the Advocates, Sharon was owner and manager of a successful book indexing business for 17 years.
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The Invisible Hand Is a Gentle Hand, 14 Sep 1998
Originally published at; defends the free market and individual liberty, quoting among others Bastiat, Thomas Jefferson, David and Milton Friedman, John Lott, Isabel Paterson, Proudhon, Adam Smith, Sowell, John Stossel and Walter Williams
The enemies of freedom have always maligned the free market. They have perpetuated myths like "dog-eat-dog capitalism," "survival of the fittest," "the law of the jungle." Robber barons. Heartless monopolies. A ruthless Wall Street fleecing a helpless Main Street. Baloney ... [S]omeday people will talk about us ... Your grandchildren will say you took a courageous stand for humanity. You shared the vision of a cooperative, kind, safe, abundant, tolerant world. And you made it happen. You restrained the visible fist of tyranny. You untied the invisible hand of liberty.