Members of the legal profession
  • Adams, Charles - Attorney, tax historian and author
  • Alberdi, Juan Bautista - Argentine jurist, considered the "Father" of the Argentine Constitution
  • Blackstone, William - 18th century English jurist, author of Commentaries on the Laws of England
  • Bolick, Clint - American attorney, co-founder of the Institute for Justice
  • Clark, Ed - Lawyer, 1980 United States Presidential candidate for the Libertarian Party
  • Coke, Edward - 17th century English jurist, drafter of the Petition of Right
  • Field, Stephen Johnson - Nineteenth century American lawyer and Supreme Court Justice
  • Grotius, Hugo - Seventeenth century Dutch jurist, author of De Jure Belli ac Pacis
  • Jay, John - First Chief Justice of the United States, co-author of the Federalist Papers
  • Jefferson, Thomas - Author of the Declaration of Independence, third President of the United States
  • Klausner, Manny - American lawyer, co-founding editor of Reason magazine
  • Lee, Richard Henry - Signer of the U.S. Declaration of Independence, sixth president of the Continental Congress
  • MacBride, Roger - Lawyer, 1976 Libertarian Presidential candidate
  • Marshall, John - Fourth Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court
  • Mason, George - Author of the Virginia Declaration of Rights
  • Mellor, William H. - Co-founder, President and General Counsel of the Institute for Justice
  • Otis, James - 18th century American colonial lawyer
  • Webster, Daniel - Nineteenth century American politician, noted for his oratory skills


Attorney at law - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"A lawyer in the United States is technically called an attorney at law or an attorney-at-law. In some states a lawyer is called an attorney and counsellor at law (or attorney and counselor at law). ..."
Judge - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"A judge or justice is an official who presides over a court. The powers, functions, method of appointment, and training of judges vary widely across different jurisdictions. More generally, a "judge" may be a qualified person who evaluates and passes judgment on something. ..."
Lawyer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"A lawyer is a person who advises clients in legal matters and represents them in courts of law and in other forms of dispute resolution. Law is a theoretical and abstract discipline, and working as a lawyer represents the "practical" application of legal theory and knowledge to solve real problems or to advance the interests of those who retain (i.e., hire) lawyers for legal services. ..."