Founder, President and CEO of The Independent Institute


1949, in Lansing, Michigan


Advocates for Self-Government, Board of Advisors
Independent Institute, Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer
Eris Society


Libertarian moment or movement?, by Robert J. Cihak, Michael A. Glueck, 24 Jan 2003
Two months before the 2003 Iraq invasion, presents the views of Robert Higgs and David Theroux as to whether the libertarian movement can have "a major role to play in post-9/11 America"
"Independent Institute president David Theroux holds that 'The penetration of our analysis is being enhanced. People find the points we're raising are very telling, and we're addressing issues others aren't.' ... Theroux goes on: 'The Achilles heel of the whole system is trust in government' ... Theroux concedes that 'libertarians have not been sensitive to the views of others ...'"


The New U.S. War on Liberty, 22 Jan 2002
The Tragedy of the Commons, Las Vegas Review-Journal, 12 Jun 1994
Your Money or Your Life: Tackling Rising Costs in Health Care, 19 Jan 1984
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An Interview With David Theroux, Strike The Root, 2 Sep 2003