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    The Independent Institute is an American think tank based in Oakland, California. Its stated mission is "to boldly advance peaceful, prosperous, and free societies, grounded in a commitment to human worth and dignity". Founded in 1986 by David J. Theroux, the Institute focuses on political, social, economic, legal, environmental and foreign policy issues. It has more than 140 research fellows. The Institute was originally established in San Francisco, was re-located in 1989 to Oakland, and since 2006, has had an office in Washington, D.C. The Institute is organized into seven centers addressing a range of issues. According to the 2014 Global Go To Think Tank Index Report (Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program, University of Pennsylvania), the Institute is ranked number 54 (of 60) in the "Top Think Tanks in the United States".

    Awards Granted

    1974 Garvey Fellow
    Topic: "The Moral Imperative of the American Private Enterprise System of Risks and Rewards"
    Related Topic: Roy Childs
    1974 Garvey Fellow
    Topic: "The Moral Imperative of the American Private Enterprise System of Risks and Rewards"
    Related Topic: David Kelley
    1983-1984 Garvey Fellowship Second Prize Winner
    Topic: "The Road to Serfdom, Forty Years Later"
    The Olive W. Garvey Fellowship Competition
    Biennial fellowship: 1974-2007

    Staff and Associates

    Dominick T. ArmentanoResearch Fellow
    George AyitteyResearch Fellow
    Bruce L. BensonSenior Fellow
    Peter BoettkeResearch Fellow
    Donald J. BoudreauxResearch Fellow
    Thomas DiLorenzoResearch Fellow
    Richard EpsteinResearch Fellow
    Williamson EversResearch Fellow
    Antony FlewIn Memoriam Research Fellow
    Joseph FuhrigSummer seminar instructor
    Anthony GregoryResearch Fellow
    Ronald HamowyIn Memoriam Research Fellow
    Robert HiggsSenior Fellow in Political Economy; Editor at Large, The Independent Review
    Jeffrey Rogers HummelResearch Fellow
    Daniel B. KleinResearch Fellow
    Tibor MachanResearch Fellow
    Wendy McElroyResearch Fellow
    Robert W. Poole, Jr.Research Fellow
    Sheldon RichmanResearch Fellow
    Paul Craig RobertsResearch Fellow
    Murray N. RothbardIn Memoriam Research Fellow
    Julian SimonIn Memoriam Research Fellow
    Vernon L. SmithResearch Fellow
    Joseph R. StrombergResearch Fellow
    David J. TherouxFounder, President and Chief Executive Officer
    Peter ThielResearch Fellow, former Member of the Board of Directors
    Mark ThorntonResearch Fellow
    Richard TimberlakeResearch Fellow
    Gordon TullockIn Memoriam Research Fellow
    Leland B. YeagerResearch Fellow


    Economic Freedom NetworkAssociate member, United States of America

    Websites, by Independent Institute, Daniel B. Klein, Alexander Tabarrok
    A project of the Independent Institute; website sections include: history of drug regulation, the drug development and approval process, drug safety, theory and examples of FDA harm, reform options and alternative solutions
    Related Topic: Health Care - Independent Institute
    Website sections include: blog (The Beacon), books, journals, newsletters and events; issues include: culture, society, energy, environment, defense, foreign policy, entitlements, economy, philosophy, law, education, healthcare and regulation

    Web Pages

    Independent Institute - YouTube
    YouTube channel of the Independent Institute


    An Interview With David Theroux, by David J. Theroux, Strike The Root, 2 Sep 2003
    Topics discussed include: the Independent Institute, Theroux's life before founding it, possible connection to Thoreau, the Vietnam War, his heroes and influencers, activism, September 11 and book recommendations
    What is the mission of The Independent Institute ...?
    The Independent Institute is a non-partisan, scholarly, public policy research and educational organization that conducts peer-reviewed studies of major economic, social, legal, and environmental issues. Through the production and publication of books, The Independent Review (quarterly journal), conferences, and media and other programs, The Independent Institute regularly identifies and advances pioneering, libertarian and free-market solutions in order to boldly redefine and redirect public debate. Our mission is to win the war of ideas, and we utilize every available means to do so.


    The Independent Review: A Journal of Political Economy
    Quarterly, since 1996
    The Independent Review is the acclaimed interdisciplinary journal devoted to the study of political economy and the critical analysis of government policy. ... Ranging across the fields of economics, political science, law, history, philosophy, and sociology, The Independent Review boldly challenges the politicization and bureaucratization of our world, featuring in-depth examinations of past, present, and future policy issues by some of the world's leading scholars and experts.

    Books Published

    Antitrust and Monopoly: Anatomy of a Policy Failure
        by Dominick T. Armentano, Independent Institute, 1982
    Partial contents: The Legitimacy of Antitrust Policy - Competition Theory and the Market Economy - Monopoly under the Sherman Act - Monopoly in Business History - Price Conspiracy and Antitrust Law - Price Discrimination and the Competitive Process
    Beyond Politics: The Roots of Government Failure
        by William C. Mitchell, Randy T. Simmons, Gordon Tullock (foreword), Independent Institute, Sep 1994
    Partial contents: Market Failures and Political Solutions: Orthodoxy - In Dispraise of Politics: Some Public Choice - Understanding Property, Markets, the Firm and the Law - Case Studies in the Anatomy of Government Failure
    Related Topic: Politics
    To Serve and Protect: Privatization and Community in Criminal Justice
        by Bruce L. Benson, Independent Institute, 1998
    Partial contents: Private Inputs for Public Crime Control - Private Crime Control - Policy Analysis and Recommendations: From a Privatized System of Crime Control to Government Domination, and How to Get Back Again

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