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Arkansas is a state in the southeastern region of the United States, home to over 3 million people as of 2017. Its name is of Siouan derivation from the language of the Osage denoting their related kin, the Quapaw Indians. The state's diverse geography ranges from the mountainous regions of the Ozark and the Ouachita Mountains, which make up the U.S. Interior Highlands, to the densely forested land in the south known as the Arkansas Timberlands, to the eastern lowlands along the Mississippi River and the Arkansas Delta.

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Freedom in the 50 States 2015-2016 | Arkansas | Cato Institute
2014: Overall rank: 29, fiscal policy rank: 27, regulatory policy rank: 21, personal freedom rank: 41, economic freedom rank: 25
LP State-by-State Membership Numbers, Libertarian Party News, Apr 2006
31 Dec 2005: Number of Members: 82


Libertarians hosting more talk radio, Libertarian Party News, Sep 1996
"In Arkansas, Robert Jones said his entree into the talk radio business was a series of phone calls to a local radio program. Jones, who has been state chair of the Arkansas LP for just over a year, said, 'I had been a caller to a show [on KFAY in Fayetteville]. I got very friendly with the host, and he asked me to fill in for him. ...'"
The Education Tax Racket, by Lew Rockwell, 24 Aug 2001
Discusses a complaint from a state Education director about the boom in homeschooling possibly influencing property taxes used to pay for government schools
"... consider that little incident in Jonesboro, Arkansas, three years ago. Two boys tripped the fire alarm at a middle school and went on a bloody rampage. When it was over, a teacher and four girls were dead; 11 more children were wounded. Does Ray believe that homeschoolers and their anti-tax ways are responsible for that too?"
Related Topic: Homeschooling
We Aren't Children, by Sheldon Richman, Nov 2001
Discusses the freedom implications of three recent alcohol regulations in the state of Arkansas
"The second case is a state law permitting grocery stores and gas stations to sell wine — as long as it is made in Arkansas. The law goes back to the end of Prohibition ... Limiting sales to Arkansas-made wine is blatant protectionism. ... But it is just one of the many restrictions on alcohol sales. Hard liquor may not be sold in supermarkets, but only in private liquor stores."
Related Topics: Prohibition, Voting

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